Translational RESEARCH LAB @ UPENN

Translational Research Laboratories (TRL) is a state-of-the-art, wet bench biomedical research facility built for The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine and a case study in the challenges and successes of institutional/private sector partnership.

GB Farris Strategies
  • 15,000 sf vivarium
  • 77,100 sf laboratory
  • 29,900 sf office
  • Center for Sleep
  • Center for Neurobiology & Behavior
  • Tissue Microfabrication Lab
  • Division of Medical Genetics Gene Therapy Lab
GB Farris Strategies
  • Strategic partnerships to accomplish the University’s overall redevelopment goals have required a paradigm shift in its usual way of doing business. The University adopted a new process of real estate capital project planning and execution and streamlined decision at all levels of management. Creatively repurposing its vacant former manufacturing facility, the University and Forest City together with the project design and construction team, were successful in partnering to deliver a complex laboratory facility in a record 24 months to meet the Penn faculty research schedule.
  • The building was completed in three phases of construction and an aggressive schedule. Penn partnered with Forest City to fast-track the project which was delivered from initial meeting to occupancy in a record 17 months to meet the Penn faculty research schedule.
GB Farris Strategies
  • Penn’s commitment to advancing its mission through partnering with the private market to leverage its investments and creatively meet its aspiration of being the most attractive urban campus in America.